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Gap year travel experts

Gap Year Travel

Go Travelling! Paid Jobs Abroad, Adventures, Volunteering, Fun & Tours... 2 weeks to 2 years!

Where can I go?

Discover dream destinations and tick incredible countries off your bucket list as you go travelling on a gap adventure! Here at Gap 360 we offer exciting travel programmes in over 50 amazing countries. With so many stunning destinations on offer around the world you’ll be spoilt for choice! Check out some of our top gap destinations today...

What can I do?

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What do you want to do on your gap year? At Gap 360 we offer an amazing range of exciting activities all around the world. Choose from adventure travel, party trips, paid work, volunteering, tours, learning new skills, teaching, round the world packages and other awesome activities. Whether you want a short gap trip or a full-on gap year, our travel advisors can help you build your ideal trip, packing in your favourite activities and adventures so you don’t miss a thing – the sky’s the limit!

Why choose Gap 360?

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At Gap 360 we want you to get the gap trip you have always dreamed of. We assign you an expert travel advisor to help you plan your perfect trip. We offer 200+ programmes in over 50 destinations! Travel from 2 weeks to 2 years and choose from party, adventure, paid work, volunteering and other awesome activities. We can help with flights and travel insurance too! We offer great deals and payment plans; book today with as little as a £49 deposit. What are you waiting for? Go travelling!

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