FCO - Foreign Commonwealth OfficeThe FCO is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a part of the UK Government. The FCO provides the latest advice for travelling abroad. Gap 360 is an approved partner of the FCO.

The FCO website, travelaware.campaign.gov.uk offers a lot of detailed information about destinations abroad and outlines any trouble hotspots in their section: Travel advice by country.

You should definitely visit this section of the FCO website for the latest bang up-to-date information about your destination.

The FCO also has a section about people planning gap years which is well worth looking at.

In the event of a problem arising in one of the Gap 360 destinations, we will be in close touch with the FCO to ensure that we have the latest information, and we recommend that you check their website regularly.

Know Before You Go (KBYG) is a travel campaign launched by the FCO to ensure that British travellers keep safe and stay healthy abroad. The KBYG campaign works with nearly 500 travel industry partners in order to promote their key messages.

These key messages all revolve around advice to be taken to ensure that you're prepared for any eventuality on your travels to maximise the chances of staying safe and healthy on holiday.

The key messages are: