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What types of job can I get abroad?

Looking for top travelling jobs or paid work placements on your gap year? Want to try out trusted jobs overseas but tempted by different types of jobs abroad? If you want to find paid work abroad but don't know where to kick-start your job search, then take a trip through our jobs pages and track down all the types of jobs you can get abroad.

Paid work abroad: Get set, go!

Whatever you chosen field, whether you are already qualified in your career or are seeking new horizons in a brand new job abroad, you can find your ideal fit and fly off to paid work around the world. If you are already trained in your perfect profession, or are set up with a skilled job, then why not jet off and jazz up your job search in a sizzling new destination? Or if you want a brand new buzz then find an exciting new job abroad and launch yourself into the working world.

Check out our trips below, or read more about What types of job can I get abroad? »

Amazing job opportunities

There are amazing job opportunities on offer all around the world. Browse through the types of jobs you can get abroad and test out your top ten, from teaching to trade, fashion to finance. You can get a brilliant bar job abroad, land a paid teaching position, become an Au Pair in the USA, get an office job, find professional paid work, & much more!

Dynamic destinations

With wonderful working experience on offer in diverse destinations around the globe, you can choose the type of job that suits you and your travel ambitions!

Happy job hunting!

Take a tour through our gap year guide to all the top jobs you can get on your travels and be tempted by the prospect of paid work and awesome opportunities in beautiful parts of the world.

Flexible date change! Absolute NZ Jobs

Absolute NZ Jobs

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Paid Teaching in Vietnam

12 months or more from €1.835

Get an internationally recognised TEFL qualification and teaching placement in Vietnam!

Gain a qualification and a guaranteed paid teaching placement in Vietnam

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