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San Antonio Pottery Co-Op, Belize

Location - San Ignacio, Belize

In the village of San Antonio, Belize, the average household has seven children and resources are limited. As a result, girls' education is not priorized and it is common for them to not have an education beyond primary level. The San Antonio Women's Co-op was formed by nine Mayan women with a goal to empower and inspire the children of the community, and to provide them with a way to earn an income whilst sharing their traditional knowldeged with not only the younger generation, but with vistors as well.

With the help of our team in country, a grant was provided to the San Antonio Wonem's Co-op, which gave them the opportunity to build an indoor workshop to showcase and sell their pottery and other crafts made by women in the community. This indoor space has also given them the opportunity to run a training programme for unemployed youth in the village. At the co-op, travellers also get the opportunity to try the ancient pottery-making techniques used by the women of San Antonio. The success of the co-op has meant they have been able to employ a further nine women supporting 11 local artisans, and since the co-op was formed they have been able to sponsor the education of two local girls who have now been able to graduate high school. 

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