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Beware Cheap Policies!

Beware Cheap Policies!

The internet is full of cheap insurance policies, and we understand that they look very attractive when you’re on a budget. Everyone wants to save money, but scrimping on insurance really isn’t a good idea. 

Stop! Think!

  • What’s the excess on the cheap policy? Gap 360 has a low excess of just £250
  • Are you covered for all of the activities you’ll be doing on your trip? Think about working/volunteering, surfing, bamboo rafting, horse riding, scuba diving… the list goes on. You’re covered for all of these – and more! – with Gap 360
  • Does the policy cover any existing medical conditions? Gap 360 does*
  • Is the policy with a well-known, reputable company who are based in the UK? Gap 360 are – Endsleigh, the only insurance company recommend by the NUS
  • Is the policy especially written for the trip you’ve booked? Not likely. Gap 360 policies are
  • Is the claims process long-winded and unnecessarily difficult?  Gap 360 claims are handled on the phone, and can be paid into your bank account within 24 hours
  • Who looks after you when you’re sick? Medical claims with Gap 360 are handled by the hugely experienced CEGA 
  • What’s the level of cancellation cover? If your cancellation cover is not high enough to cover the cost of your trip and flights, it can invalidate the whole policy!
  • Is your mobile phone covered? It is with Gap 360, and so are all your other gadgets
  • Can you extend the policy if your plans change once you’ve left the UK? You can with Gap 360
Cheap isn’t best here. Choose a good value insurance policy from Gap 360, which you know will look after you when you need it. 
*We will cover existing medical conditions provided they have not been diagnosed within the last 12 months, and you have not had a change in treatment in the last 12 months

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